About Us

For God’s Glory is an Alternative/Contemporary Christian Band which was founded in January of 2014. The band presents original material and cover songs that glorify and praise God.

For God’s Glory Christian Band, otherwise known as FGGCB, is based in Newburgh in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State in the USA. The band primarily records original compositions. Songs in the band’s catalog span a variety of musical genres to honor the universal existence of the Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The band's 15-song debut album: “Sharing Good News” was released in July 2015. The band's second 11-song album: “Love Worthy of Praise” was released in 2017. Instrumental remixes of songs from both albums also have been released. In November 2018, the band released its first cover album: "Songs of CHRISTmas, Vol. I" - this Holiday album consists of 8 traditional classic Christmas melodies. "Living in the Light" - the band's third album - was released in 2020 and consists of 9-songs. Instrumental remixes of songs from this album have also been released. 

FGGCB also participates in live presentations. Live presentations may take place at: Christian social gatherings, clubs, and organizations; faith-based organizations; coffee houses; as well as, at public and community events. 

Band Members:

  • Gerry Leino – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Composer, Lyricist 
  • Miriam Leino – Vocals, Keyboard 
  • Tony Saltalamachia – Bass Guitar 
  • Derrick Lewis – Drums, Composer, Lyricist, Band Coordinator

To Contact the Band - Call: (845) 527-2325  or  Send an Email to: for.god.glory.cb@gmail.com   

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